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Hultman; Mikael Landén; D. Mikael Landén; Alexander Viktorin Melo; Ann Hellström; Manuel H. Gustafsson; Lena Margareta Nordeman More than an exit gate? Predictors for future activity limitation in women with chronic low back pain consulting primary care:

Prevalent intravenous abuse of methylphenidate among treatment-seeking patients with substance abuse disorders:


Putaala; Turgut Tatlisumak; B. Leijon; Carsten Wikkelsö Occupational perspective of health among persons ageing in the context of migration ISSN: Direct current stimulation modulates the excitability of the sensory and motor fibres in the human posterior tibial nerve, with a long-lasting effect on the H-reflex ISSN: Allergic rhinitis and voice change ISSN: A protocol for an international multicentre genetic association studyGUP


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