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To contact Odd Terje or read more about his research, click here. Upon hatching in spring, the fry was released in White Sea rivers. Pink salmon normally enter the rivers and spawn before sea trout Salmo trutta and Atlantic salmon Salmo salar. Pink salmon had also regularly been caught in the Svalbard area. Due to historical fishing pressure, and hydropower development, the Klarälven salmon are believed to be highly-threatened. Although these can be adequate when there are large numbers of smolt migrating, we did not catch sufficient numbers of smolt to make mark-recapture estimates.

It may also be possible to destroy pink salmon spawning nests before hatching, but care must be taken not to destroy Atlantic salmon or brown trout nests, which may be located in the same gravel beds.

16 tons and what do you get? Salmon smolt if you’re lucky!

After spending a little more than a year in the sea, the fish mature and return to rivers. It took us four sampling seasons, filled with trial and error, to achieve partial sampling success for our project. They are, however, aggressive on the spawning grounds, and may stress and chase away the native spawners. It takes two days of hard labor for a work crew to drive these into the substrate by hand, balancing on the deck while holding the boat in position in the strong river flow see photos. However, further introductions inandbased on fish from further north in the Russian pacific, resulted in the establishment in Russian rivers of quite abundant odd-year stocks and less abundant even-year stocks.


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